Muncie Pto Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram

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The Muncie harness has the plug for the PTO solenoid and the PTO pressure switch. The wires are connected as shown. On the inside of the cab locate the gray connector shown here. It is located behind the VSIM module which is a black plastic module next to the park brake bracket. The gray connector is tie wrapped in place.

2. Green light in rocker switch is to turn “ON” when PTO is engaged and to turn “OFF” when PTO is disengaged. 3. Solenoid Valve (Item 3) should be mounted on firewall to protect it from corrosive environment. 4. Air Sytem Users...You will not receive any air through the pressure protection valve to the PTO system until your main tank

gear and location. Also, check the FA6B PTO driver gear for condition. A nick or blemish may cause excessive noise when the FA6B PTO is mounted. 6. Locate the transmission main pressure port (see figure 4). Remove the installation kit (43TK5282) components from the FA6B PTO carton. Locate the straight fitting (43T36431) and the elbow fitting (43T36445).

monly. The Muncie Lectra shift is designed for use on most heavy duty trucks with WIRING DIAGRAM Connect the booted connector to the indicator switch on PTO. FOR MUNCIE FA SERIES PTO USED ON THE FORD 4R AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. The PTO is . Engage PTO Rocker Switch. 4. Muncie Pto Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram. Release PTO Switch. ..

GREEN Aux PTO Engage Light YELLOW Aux Dash Switch. Rocker Switch 30T35687. For Use Without Muncie Switch. Relay Black Battery Ground Violet Blue White Yellow Green White Brown Green Gray Violet 12Vdc Power Connection Output Input (VPWR) Ref.

One stud is a 3 8 24 UNF to 10mm PTO stud. This stud should be installed into the upper left hole location as shown (Fig 5b). One of the other studs is a special 5 16 18 UNC to 10mm step stud. The step stud is to be installed into the bottom center hole as shown (Fig 5b).

Muncie Power Products, Inc. JSB ENG 12‐Jan‐2011 I‐3029‐01.doc 4 For 24V Option – 48TK5018: The 24V kit would use 24V rocker switch (30T35712) instead of 12V rocker switch (30T35687) shown above. This kit also comes with the

Note: Red indicator light is to turn "ON" when PTO is engaged and is to turn "OFF" when PTO is disengaged. ITEM QTY PART NO. 1 1 44MB2164 Pipe Nipple 2 1 31M15759 Pressure Protection Valve 3 1 44MB6844 Tube Fitting 4 2 44MB6942 Tube Fitting (Elbow) 5 1 44MB6842 Tube Fitting 6 1 44M44430 Air Tubing 30ft.

PTO as shown in figure 1 below. c) Remove the pressure switch from the FR66 end cover and place a second 400 PSI pressure gauge. in the pressure switch port as shown in figure 2 below. d)the engine (staying clear of Start any rotating components).

POWER TAKE OFF SWITCH INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PTO Harness Figure C Front 30T38371 Power take off switch 34T38335 Wiring harness SWITCH INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Apply parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving. 2. If equipped with an automatic transmission, move the shift lever all the way down to the last gear. 3.

Diagram Muncie Pto Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram

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